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About Us

About Us

So now you’ve decided want to get in shape! You’re ready to lose some weight and look your best! Maybe it was doctor’s orders that you need to exercise and change your diet. Perhaps you’re training for a marathon and need to find a place to run while you’re away on a business trip. Where should you go work out? Fit Cities will help you find your fitness! Or, it could be that you’re a personal trainer and need a way to attract more customers. You need a way to showcase your business without breaking the bank! Fit Cities will help you feature your fitness facility! Fit Cities connects people with fitness professionals and facilities in their local market! fit cities

Helping Fitness Consumers Make Informed Decisions

Fit Cities helps individuals make better decisions about finding a fitness facility or personal trainer that meets their needs. Most online directories are great when you are looking for a good meal or you need to find an address. However, these online directories fall short when you are trying to make a decision on where to go to live a healthier, more fit lifestyle. What types of services are offered? How clean and convenient are the facilities? Is the equipment any good? Are you going to help me achieve my health and fitness goals? Fit Cities provides these answers and much more without the clutter, with a focus on your local market.

Helping Fitness Businesses Reach Consumers

Fit Cities also works with fitness facilities and fitness professionals to reach and attract more members. We will showcase your business in the local community. We will highlight the qualifications that make you a perfect “fit” for that potential member. We provide a number of web, marketing and ecommerce services to help you grow your business in an affordable manner.

About Fit Cities

Fit Cities displays listings from fitness businesses so customers can review these businesses and find a facility that best fits their needs. We also operate a network of local fitness web sites that provide fitness tips and information from fitness professionals and facilities with individuals in their local markets that inform and educate local consumers. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, we provide web, marketing and ecommerce services as well as advertising opportunities to local fitness facilities and personal trainers so that fitness consumers can make better decisions about choosing where to exercise. Find your city and get moving today!