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Fit Cities Business Dashboard

Fit Cities Business Dashboard

Your Business’s Marketing Hub

The Fit Cities Business Dashboard is an online marketing dashboard developed to help fitness professionals and facility owners establish an online presence, drive web traffic, generate new leads and grow your business simply and affordably. Click on the video below for a brief overview of the Fit Cities Business Dashboard or request your free account now.

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App Marketplace Complete with Business and Marketing Tools

Inside the Business Dashboard, you have a number of apps that contain all the digital marketing and business tools you need to promote and grow your fitness business easily accessible from one central site. You can access the Business Dashboard from your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Simply click on the app you are interested in to get more information. You may choose and begin using any app at any time for your business. Access to the Business Dashboard is free, and you also get access to our Listing Builder app for free as well. What are you waiting on, get started using the Fit Cities Business Dashboard today!

Your Account Manager Will Provide Any Assistance Necessary

The Fit Cities Marketing Platform is simple to use. Simply login to the business center and you can access all the marketing tools you need. If you’re not technically savvy, there’s no need to worry! All Marketing Platform accounts come with an account manager to assist you. When you login to your dashboard, your account manager’s name and contact info are right there. Feel free to contact them with any questions, or concerns or help you need. Your account manager will also contact you when you create your Business Center account to introduce themselves and help you with getting started.

Get a Free Snapshot Report of Your Fitness Business

If you request access to the Business Dashboard, you will also receive a free snapshot report of your online business. This snapshot report will give you an overview of your company’s online presence and compare your business to industry averages as well as your local competitors. Find out where your business is standing above the competition, and also find areas for improvement as well!

Contact Us with Questions

If you still have questions, please contact us and an account manager will contact you and be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Take control of the message you want to deliver to potential customers and manage your company’s marketing simply and effectively with the Fit Cities Business Dashboard!
The Fit Cities Business Dashboard will help you grow your fitness business! Simply fill out the form below and you will receive your free access to the Business Dashboard. Your account manager will contact you to give you your free access, as well as a free snapshot report of your company’s online presence. Feel free to contact your account manager with any questions you may have.

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