tabata trainingOne of the primary excuses people give for not exercising is “time.” Or, more specifically, the lack of time. You’ve heard the excuses – “I’m too busy” or “I just don’t have an hour in the day to workout.” However, what if you could achieve results in only four minutes? Everybody can find four minutes in a day to exercise! Tabata training is a four-minute exercise program which provides a way to get in a fast and efficient total-body workout in a fraction of the time of normal exercise routines. The Tabata method comes from Japan, and is named after a well-known scientist, Professor Izumi Tabata. He discovered that short, fast bursts of effort are more effective and increase your aerobic capacity much faster than more traditional, slower methods like running and traditional sports training.

The Tabata Workout

Tabata training requires you to do repetitions of physical activity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest over a 4-minute period. Sounds simple enough, right? But true Tabata training means 20-seconds of maximum intensity! It should get your heart going to its maximum rate, so it’s not for the squeamish.

4 Minutes of Hell

Tabata training is rigorous and is designed to be performed at maximum intensity. Many people shy away from it for this reason. In fact, many exercise programs that claim to be a “Tabata workout,” simply follow the 20 seconds of activity with 10 seconds of rest for four minutes of activity blueprint. But, unless the exercises are performed at maximum intensity for the entire time, it is not a true Tabata workout!

The Benefits of Tabata Training

Many studies have been performed that show the benefits of Tabata training, but this research study is the initial study that started the Tabata craze. While there are numerous benefits to Tabata training, one of the greatest benefits is training at maximum intensity will increase your oxygen consumption and max V02. Plus, since you are training anaerobically, your body keeps burning fat for up to 24 hours after your workout, so it makes a great workout for fat loss. However, the best benefit of all is that you can get outstanding results in only four minutes! This saves a great deal of time, especially when compared with more conventional hour-long bicycling, mountain-climbing, or high impact aerobics which are much more time-consuming and much less effective in clinical studies.

Exercise for Results

One of the reasons for the lack of consistency of results among traditional weight loss programs and workout routines may be the tendency to not follow through or focus on the activity enough to get the full benefit. In addition, many of these more traditional activities are highly social, such as backpacking/biking, walking, and others, so you may be focused more on the social aspect and have too much “down time.” However, if you are seeking results, Tabata training will provide results! In full disclosure though, while the workout only takes four minutes, recovery time should take a while, especially if the workout is done right!